Full Mechanical Service

We offer a wide range of mechanical repairs including manufactures log book servicing at an affordable price. This service will not affect your new car warranty. We have the latest diagnostic and scanning equipment.

Highlands TyreMasters Pedders Authorized Dealer


Highlands TyreMasters are an authorized Pedders dealer providing quality equipment and service.

Your suspension plays an important role in the performance and comfort of your drive...

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Wheel Alignments

Under normal driving conditions many vehicles can go 50 000 km+ before they need a new set of tires which is a good interval to have the alignment checked as well.

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Brake servicing

Brakes are an important part of car safety, but they unfortunately won't last forever and over time and constant wear they will lose their reliability and effectiveness.

During a brake service we will change your brake pads if they are at or near a point of replacement, We will check your brake fluid and the brake lines.

ARB Accessories

We stock and fit ARB accessories and modifications for your 4wd vehicles and more.

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Pick up and delivery service

Too busy to bring in your vehicle? Don't worry we got you covered.

Continue your busy day and let us take care of everything for you without the hassle of squeezing in that extra appointment.

Ask for our Pick-up and Delivery service rest assured your vehicle is in good hands.

Puncture repair

Tyre punctures can happen often when small sharp debris on the road pierces your tyre, flattening your tyre. If you don't drive on your flat tyre it might not mean the death of the tyre, often we can repair the tyre at a fraction of the cost of getting a new one.

Next time you've got a flat tyre, bring it down and will get it back on the road.

RTA Inspections

We are an authorised RTA Inspection Station, and can provide a safety check (pink slip) for your vehicle while we service it. If your vehicle is unregistered, we can provide a blue slip inspection to evaluate its status for registration.


We can supply and fit batteries for a wide range of vehicles.